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SHAOXING XIANHENG INTERNATIONAL LTD.was established in 2004. We are a professional exporter which is concerned with the design, development and production of curtains. Our products sell well in Africa, Europe and Middle east. Our products are widely used in offices, apartments, hotels, factories, etc. With our abundant experience and professional design team, we can meet various needs of all customers. We are looking forward to your cooperation and hope to become one of your friends and business partners!
Latest News
  • 06 2019.12
    Roman blinds are new type of decorations, which can be divided into folding type, fan type and wave type according to its shape. Roman blinds can create a more warm effect. Nowadays, they are often used in the decoration of high-end entertainment and leisure places such as home and hotels, which are deeply loved by the public. There are manual Roman blinds and electric Roman blinds. The electric Roman Blinds use an AC tubular motor, and the rope reel on the coaxial is rotated by a speed regulating device, and the lifting rope is pulled up and down to achieve the opening and closing of the shades.
  • 14 2019.03
    Curtains can not only decorate environment, but also block the scorching and dazzling sun. Nowadays, most of families will add curtains during the renovation. Curtains are made of cloth, hemp, yarn, aluminum sheets, wood chips, metal materials, etc. They have the function of shading and heat insulation and adjusting indoor light. According to the material, the cloth curtain is divided into cotton gauze, polyester cloth, polyester-cotton blend, cotton and linen blend, non-woven fabric, etc. Different materials, textures, colors, patterns, etc. are combined to form different styles of curtains, with different styles. Interior design curtains. Curtain control is divided into manual and electric. Manual curtains include: manual opening and closing curtains, manual roller blinds, manual silk curtains, manual wood shutters, manual Roman blinds, manual organ curtains, and more. Electric curtains include: electric opening and closing curtains, electric roller blinds, electric wire soft louvers, electric ceiling curtains, electric wood louvers, electric Roman blinds, electric organ curtains and so on. With the development of curtains, it has become an indispensable, functional and decorative interior decoration of the living room.
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